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ScienceXplorer SA

ScienceXplorer Group
ScienceXplorer group engages in science and technology STEM opportunities. They develop and innovate exhibitions and have extensive knowledge in humanoid robotics.

Discovering science playfully is the principle of our edutainment Centers. Kindercity is situated in Zurich, Luzern, and very soon in Flims (2018) and Yverdon-les-Bains (2019).

Our swiss association, where well known people engage with each other, with the aim to bring science and STEM closer to communities.

Avatarion Technology
Avatarion is the Swiss pioneer in humanoid robotics. With its tailor-made applications, it breathes life into robots, for example NAO and Pepper, enabling them to interact with their environment. Thus they become intelligent helpers for guidance in museums and can be used to teach robotic programming in workshops.

ScienceXplorer SA was a Gold Sponsor of the 2018 Ecsite Conference.