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Science Gallery Gama

Science Gallery Gama is creative space in public domain dedicated to the synthesis of Art, Science & Philosophy. Science Gallery Gama hosts Art & Sci exhibitions and performances, Pecha Kucha Night seminars on arts, natural and social sciences as well as public debates and creative workshops with artists and scientists promoting creativity and interdisciplinary and public dialogue on hot scientific topics such as nanotechnology. It is a first of its kind in the Czech Republic. Science Gallery Gama with several thousand square meters of exhibition space, lab, seminar room and café is located at the Faculty of Chemical Technology University of Pardubice.

Science Gallery is run by TESLA Union which is independent and non-commercial civil association that brings together scientists artists, musicians, performers, art curators and historians. TESLA Union has carried out more than 60 exhibitions and multi-genre art festival events such as Black 06, Live Art of Explosia, Industry-CHEMISTRY, NANOSCOPE, 90&60 - Years of Chemistry in Pardubice as well as long term international projects on science communication such as Immersion in the Science Worlds through the Arts and Idea of the University.