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Peter Trevitt Consulting

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Peter Trevitt Consulting provides specialist advice and creativity to science centres, festivals and museums internationally in areas including:
- governance, management, policy and development strategy
- partnerships and fundraising
- outreach and audience development
- exhibition and programme development
- engagement in controversial areas of science/technology
- income generation
- project management
- links between informal and formal education (schools, and HE)
Peter has 35years experience in the science centre and informal learning fields and held senior roles at CEO and board level in leading STEM institutions. He has led many innovative and successful partnership projects in the UK and in many other countries and has excellent knowledge of the sector worldwide.
Particular achievements include outreach development, income generation, links with formal education and engagement in controversial science topics.
Particular interests include child- and family-friendly design in the public realm, creativity in design, research of motivation and behaviour change, and supporting STEM education in developing countries.
He is a former board member and treasurer of the UK Association for Science and Discovery Centres and continues to provide a number of advisory roles.