National Space Centre

The National Space Centre is the only visitor attraction in the UK that focuses on Space. Since opening in June 2001, the Space Centre has exceeded expectations in terms of visitor numbers and has become a valuable public interface for the UK’s space community. From the minute you catch sight of the Space Centre’s futuristic Rocket Tower, you’ll be treated to hours of breathtaking discovery where the stories, personalities and technology of the past and present are used to explain our current understanding of space and how it will affect our future.

The Space Centre is also home to the Lander Operation Control Centre (LOCC) for the Beagle 2 mission. Operations for the United Kingdom’s first voyage and descent to another planet will be managed by a team of scientists and engineers from the University of Leicester in full view of the visiting public, providing a unique opportunity for a British audience to witness the workings of a real-life major space project - arguably the UK’s most exciting space venture ever. The National Space Centre is presenting Beagle 2 to its visitors as part of its core activity of promoting the public understanding of space, celebrating Beagle 2 as a landmark UK space project.

A visit to the Space Centre includes a show in its multi-media Space Theatre, housing this country’s newest hi-tech planetarium. The shows are produced in-house by some of the world’s leading planetarium experts, using the latest in audio-visual technology.

The National Space Centre has a variety of educational programmes, linked to the National Curriculum, available in the Challenger Learning Centre, Space Theatre and Exhibition for school groups throughout the year. If you can’t make it to the Space Centre then we can come to you with the BT Stardome – an inflatable Planetarium. In addition the National Space Centre is a flexible venue for corporate events. From gala dinners to birthday parties, product launches to seminars – the National Space can provide an event that is out of this world.