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Fundação da Juventude

Fundação da Juventude (Youth Foundation) is a Portuguese non-profit private entity of public utility devoted to the support and development of projects and programs for the social integration of young people in the active and professional life. The Fundação da Juventude’s headquarters are located in Porto, with branch offices in the regions of Lisbon, Algarve and Madeira Island. The Foundation’s key areas of focus are the following: education, (re)integration and promotion of activities so as that young people find better work opportunities; promotion and support of the entrepreneur spirit and initiative in youth; promotion and support of the social development and integration of young people, with the intent to minimize and fight social exclusion and rejection/marginalization through of a more active citizenship; generation of information, research and communication mechanisms in order to meet the needs of young people; promotion of culture, animation and intercultural learning for youth; encouragement and rewarding the interest in science and technology, beyond the scope of research and innovation; and boosting interchange networks and exchange experiences/good practices, through national and international partnerships. Thousands of young people have already benefited from these projects as students, trainees, graduates, professionals, businessmen, artists, scientists and/or volunteers.