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Energimuseet - Danish Museum of Energy

Energimuseet – Danish Museum of Energy is a state autorized museum of electricity in Denmark. The Electricity Museum is a world of activities, experiences, games, good storytelling and fine old objects. There is something for everybody: the meddlers, the inquisitives, and the ones who fancy a nostalgic look into the past. Whether you are young or old, mum or granddad you can be close to the strange world of electricity at the museum. It gives you a flood of possibilities for exploring, testing, wondering and reminding. 3.500 square meters exhibition gives you a lot to explore. You can discover how the use of electricity has changed our everyday life, how electricity is produced, and how form, design and comfort have changed during time. You can visit Denmark’s biggest hydroelectric power station, Tangeværket. It has been producing electricity for more than 80 years. The Tange Power plant (Tangeværket) is one of Denmark’s best preserved industrial plants still working.