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Danmarks Tekniske Museum - Danish Museum of Science and Technology

The Danish National Museum of Science and Technology was founded in 1911 by Danish Industry and the Craftsman Association of Copenhagen. The museum possesses several important collections that are older than the museum itself. These are objects from the University of Copenhagen and the Danish Technological University as well as objects from influential Danish scientists, researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs, industrialists, and others. The museum has collected objects in relation to the industrial and technological development of Denmark. Some of the highlights in the collection are the Hammel Car from 1888, which is the first car in Denmark and the world’s oldest functioning car; the airplane of Ellehammer, who was one of the first to fly in Europe in 1906; the original LEGO from 1958, and the unique collection of Malling-Hansen’s writing balls. Additionally, the museum has a unique collection of prototypes from the Danish Patent Agency, as well as several other important Danish inventions, such as the arc converter, the telegraphone, and the loudspeaker. The museum recently acquired the space capsule that brought the first Dane into space in 2015.