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The Danish Industry Foundation

The Danish Industry Foundation is a private philanthropic foundation with the purpose of supporting and enhancing the competitiveness of Danish industry.

The Foundation supports projects that generate application-oriented knowledge, new competences and innovation, benefiting the industry. Through inspiration and project development, the Foundation's means must help bridge cooperation between science and business. As well as supporting application-based projects, the Foundation also develops its own strategic initiatives within areas that can contribute to an overall strengthening of the industry and business communities.

Each year, the Foundation aims at funding projects for up to 30 Million Euros. All projects must be open-sourced, and consistent with the Foundation’s mission and strategy. Thus, the Foundation's secretariat is actively engaged in all projects, and emphasizes communicating and sharing the findings and outcomes for the benefit of the applicants, companies, the scientific community and other stakeholders.

Established in 1898, the Danish Industry Foundation is a registered business foundation and reports its annual accounts to the Danish Business Authority. In cooperation with the secretariat, a board of directors governs the Foundation's equity of approximately 600 Million Euros.

Read more: www.TheDanishIndustryFoundation.com

The Danish Industry Foundation was a Host Conference Sponsor of the 2019 Ecsite Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.