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Centro Ciência Viva de Constância - Astronomy Park

Centro Ciência Viva de Constância – Astronomy Park is a science center that belongs to the portuguese network of Ciência Viva Science Centers and is an invitation to participate in astronomy activities which involve other scientific areas. With a great part of the equipments settled in the open air, surrounded by trees and a small lake, the connection with science in this center provides, also, a full contact with nature.

Among the several experiences this Astronomy Park offers to the visitor, it’s worth highlighting: the planetarium session, that allows the simulation of the sky seen at any time, date or latitude; the astronomical observatory, with five domes that lodge telescopes of different designs and apertures; the solar observatory equipped with a system of mirrors and lenses that allow the study of the sun through visible and H-alfa, as well as its spectrum and the identification of some chemical elements; an airplane Lockheed T-33 that belonged to the Portuguese Airforce and operated in an air base located in the region; a small lake that pretends to connect science with the local heritage.