BTEK Bizi Teknologia

Our institution is a Technology Museum placed in the Technology Park of Bizkaia, Basque Country. It’s an initiative of the Technology Part itself with the collaboration of EHIK, a confederation of more than 100 schools from the Basque Country, Elhuyar experts in the promotion of Science and Technology in Euskara, the language from the Basque Country, Tecnalia and IK4, clusters of investigation and technology centers) the Basque Country University and the University of Deusto. At this moment we are making the museum and it will be ready for October 2009., Our main public will be students from secondary school (12-14 years), whole class visits dynamized by our technicians and teachers. We will have a dynamic web site where we will offer several tools to improve social networking, communication and collaboration between the different agents that will be part of project, students, teachers, investigators … Formation center, a place for presential, semi-presential and non presential formation. The L@btek Workshop.