Astra-National Centre for Learning in Science, Technology and Health

The purpose of Astra is to increase the interest for, the recruitment for and the quality of the education in science, technology and health in the Danish education system

The centre has the following tasks:

- increase the quality of the education in science, technology and health through IT-based teaching resources and contribute to creating a better linkage in the education system

- contribute to the development of further education of teachers and educators in order to generate a continuous quality development of the education as well as to increase the interest among pupils and students

- create a better interaction between various sectors, both between the formal educational system and informal learning environment (private and public companies, museums, activity centres etc.) and between different parts of the educational system

- contribute to creating Danish networks for teachers/educators, local authorities, informal learning environments etc. with a view to knowledge sharing and structured gathering of experience

- be part of international networks with corresponding foreign centres with a view to knowledge sharing

- to gather and communicate experience from practice and research in professional didactics with a view to communication of knowledge for e-knowledge based development of teaching resources etc.