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A marketplace of free and open opportunities

2019 Ecsite Conference

Pushing boundaries
Copenhagen, Denmark 6 June 2019 - 8 June 2019

07.06.2019 | 17:00 - 17:45

Friday 7 Jun 2019

#island - The Island

#island - The Island
Brokerage event
Strategy & vision

Would you like to know about an open project looking for partners? About an exhibition that you could host for free? About educational resources that can be grabbed and used with no fee, or even with associated benefits? About a European consortium that you could join for the next EU-funded calls? About a global campaign that you could be part of? About a free online tool to map your city or build an exhibition? In this open session, numerous members of the Ecsite community will share opportunities that are open to other participants. No commercial offer, no sharing of results: only open and free opportunities: tools, resources, projects, funding, campaigns, support…

During the session all presenters will briefly introduce the opportunities they offer and their potential benefits. We will keep 10 minutes at the end for participants to mingle with presenters, express interest and share ideas or business cards…

If you would like to join the session and present an opportunity and its benefits in 3 minutes, please send an email before 26 May to the convenor Didier Laval with a few words about what you would like to share (and add any specific requirement you may have). Unsure if what you have in mind would fit in the session? Equally, drop an email to Didier to find out.

Outcomes: what will participants get from this session? Skills, knowledge, experience etc.

Participants will have the opportunity to join a variety of projects and campaigns, and to discover free resources that they can use. We noticed that there are often numerous free resources and open projects that most participants discover only by accident. This session is offered to make sure that all available projects and resources are shared with all potentially interested participants.


Public Engagement Associate
University of Bristol
United Kingdom

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