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2019 Ecsite Conference

Pushing boundaries
Copenhagen, Denmark 6 June 2019 - 8 June 2019
Booth 01

Effektschmiede works with natural physical phenomena. We conceive and create installations for science centres, gardens and parks and public spaces. As an experience factory, our work is about inspiring astonishment and inviting people to dream. It plays with fire and water, light and mist, voltage and energy. All installations correspond with the highest technical standards, are tailor-made for the space or room and all are individually planned and conceived by Judith Mann and her team.

Booth 02

The American Museum of Natural History, founded in 1869, is a leading provider of engaging traveling exhibitions and scientific content to partners around the world. From a diverse catalog of 700 square metre exhibitions to planetarium shows and other offerings, AMNH content has been presented at more than 250 venues on six continents. Drawn from the Museum’s cutting-edge scientific research and world-class permanent collection, our award-winning exhibitions are thoughtfully designed to educate, entertain, and inspire visitors of all ages.

Booth 03

Musealia is a Spanish-based global producer of large-scale exhibitions that are presented at museums and education centers all over the world.
With more than 20 years of experience, our vision is to create and manage exhibitions that are distinguished by a strong narrative character, historical and scientific rigor, as well as their emotional impact and educational value.
More than 3 million people have visited some of our creations in the more than 40 museums with which we have worked to date in countries such as the United States, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Ukraine, Portugal, etc.

Booth 04

TMDx is a modern exhibition design and development studio. We offer various technical and audiovisual solutions from planning and development to implementation and maintenance. Starting from 2008, we have delivered over 50 exhibitions and hundreds of interactive exhibits.

Mash Machine enables groups of people to co-create music, fostering their creativity and cooperation skills. Our product, used in 25 countries for over 5000 events, has already been installed in 3 museums across Europe with custom content and engagement options. https://www.mashmachines.com/

Booth 05

The Museum of Science in Boston, Massachusetts, USA is a world leader in STEM Education—Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. From traveling exhibits (The Science Behind PIXAR and Star Wars®: Where Science Meets Imagination) to PreK – 12 engineering curricula and innovative engagement with the public in our Exhibit Halls and programs, we seek to empower the next generation of informed and scientifically literate citizens, decision makers, and STEM professionals.

Booth 06

MuseumsPartner turnkey travelling exhibitions create unique visitor experiences, worldwide. We combine our extensive experience in international fine art transport, art handling and exhibition design with the latest scientific research of world-renowned partner museums to create high-quality travelling exhibitions. ÖTZI-THE ICEMAN, MARINE REPTILES, MAYA, ORCAS, STONEHENGE, EGYPT and VIKINGS have been seen by millions of visitors all over the world.

We provide full services to our partners and offer smart solutions to the challenges of project management, logistics and financial management.

Happy to meet you!

Booth 07

CREATE.eu uses the latest multimedia technology to create stunning experiences and bring stories to life. Our broad range of skills leads to unique projects that blend creativity, concept creation, software development and hardware integration.

We do this for museums, science centers, events and corporate clients all over the world. In-house, we create travelling digital art experiences for a wide audience.

Take a look at our online portfolio www.create.eu

Happy to meet you!

Booth 08

Outdoor musical exhibits and musical fountains. an industrial design studio, design to production, plan and manufacture outdoor musical exhibits and fountain. we use stainless steel, concrete, wood and composite materials. the exhibits are both mechanic and electronic. maintanance and rability are higly important and is part of the design proces from the scratch.

Booth 09
EDG logo

Since 2006, Exhibits Development Group (EDG) has been dedicated to the development, production, marketing, and distribution of traveling museum exhibitions, cultural projects, and corporate collections world-wide. Their staff has over 40+ years of experience and have developed a solid reputation with museums and cultural institutions throughout the world where they offer a suite of exhibition related services including the development, placement and management of traveling exhibitions to supplement and complement existing programs and resources of museums, collection owners and foundations.

Booth 10

ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore is a cultural institution in an iconic building along the Marina Bay waterfront that explores the intersection between art, science, technology and culture. Since opening in February 2011, we have staged large-scale exhibitions by some of the world’s major artists including Leonardo da Vinci, Salvador Dalí, Andy Warhol, Vincent Van Gogh, and M.C. Escher. In addition, we have presented significant exhibitions which explore aspects of science including big data, particle physics, natural history, marine biology and space exploration.

Booth 11
JVS logo

JVS Group specializes in the promotion, creation, design, production and tour management of large international exhibitions, concerts, shows and cultural events 

We operate in Czech Rep., Slovakia, Poland and Hungary.

Our traveling exhibitions are high quality, educational, entertaining and interactive. 

We developed and produced the biggest world's touring space exhibition- COSMOS DISCOVERY. We also produce INCA GOLD exhibition


Booth 12
National Geographic

The National Geographic Society is an impact-driven global nonprofit organization that pushes the boundaries of exploration, furthering understanding of our world and empowering us all to generate solutions for a healthy, more sustainable future for generations to come. Our ultimate vision: a planet in balance.

We partner with museums, science centers, universities, galleries, zoos, and aquariums globally on relevant and important exhibition projects. Leveraging award-winning photography and storytelling, we believe in inspiring people to take action to place greater value on the natural world and its people.

Booth 13

TETRAGON specializes in the following sectors, among others:

Consulting, design and construction of cultural spaces, museums and environmental infrastructure.
Design and implementation of permanent and traveling exhibitions, exhibition spaces and events.
Search and development of innovative products, digital and interactive applications, audiovisual productions, methodologies, services and technologies for the documentation, showcasing and promotion of cultural heritage, contemporary civilization and tourist product.

Booth 14

At the Visualization Center, we create exhibitions, dome shows and more. All this is done in immediate collaboration with our in-house University researchers and scientists, ensuring the quality of the productions together with our team of pedagogues, producers and other staff.

We make dome shows that are available for licensing, and are also looking to license exhibitions or specific interactive exhibits. Our latest exhibition "Decode the Code" has been nominated for the prestigious "Exhibition of the year" award in Sweden. Read more on www.visualiseringscenter.se

Booth 15

Interspectral develops unique interactive learning experiences based on X-ray scans. Visit our booth to explore how the latest advances in visualization technology have created a new paradigm of interactive 3D learning experiences at museums and science centres around the world. By using our intuitive Inside Explorer table, we will take you on a spectacular tour, guiding you through the inside of the human body, exotic animals, fossils, meteorites and mummies.

Booth 16
Birdly VR

Birdly® VR is a one-of-a-kind full-body VR experience, coupling advanced robotics and simulation technology to create an incredibly realistic sensation of flight. Birdly® operators command their flight experience instinctively with arms and hands – movements correlated to the flapping of wings and manipulation of primary feathers for speed, altitude and navigation. The result of Birdly’s® precise sensory-motor coupling – including headwind simulation, 3D audio, and visual impact – is an exhilaration that is simply breathtaking.

Booth 17

The purpose for which the Corporation is organized is to further public understanding of science; to improve the operations of science centers and museums serving as community resources for science education; to assist members in achieving the widest participation of all peoples in lifelong science learning, especially those who have been traditionally under-represented in the scientific enterprise; to serve as a vehicle for cooperative projects of mutual interest to its members; and generally to advance the role of science centers and museums in society.

Booth 18

For the last 20 years we have been creating concept-based exhibitions for museums and science centres.
We create strong designs and visually immersive thematic worlds, counting more than 30 exhibitions and four World Expos among our experience.
At our base in Tallinn we have the facilities to build installations and complex exhibits ready to be delivered globally.
Always innovating, this October we will take our next big leap into the future when the VR Invention Factory PROTO opens.

Booth 19
Klitgaard Design

A small Copenhagen based company specialized in technical interactive exhibits for museums and science centers. Our force is rock-solid hands-on interfaces, hardware, electronics, and multimedia.

We deliver turnkey solutions for exhibitions and museums. In close dialog with you, we develop outstanding exhibits that will amaze and entertain your customers.

See more at www.klitgaard-design.dk

Booth 20

Archimedes Exhibitions designs multisensual experiences in three-dimensional space. For this, we develop and realise interactive experience platforms and exhibits, scenographies, and exhibitions that appeal to all five senses. Our customers include science centres, international companies, museums, research institutions all over the world, and even the German Parliament. Archimedes develops location-based shows but also tours its exhibitions across the globe.

Booth 21

Megalodon Creations is specialized in creating high quality, customized, large scale exhibitions for rent or sale. We have close collaborations with scientists, engineers and artists, making the exhibitions scientifically correct, safe and visually pleasing for the audience. Through our extensive experience, comprehensive knowledge and passion for perfection, we can serve all your needs, creating the exhibition you desire.

Megalodon Creations - Adding life to dreams

Booth 22
World Touring Exhibitions

World Touring Exhibitions represent and produce sell-out touring exhibitions for hire. Our roster includes among others: Travelling Bricks (made of LEGO® bricks), Interactive Science, 3D Doubt Your Eyes, Living Dinosaurs, Monsters Of The Sea, Space The Final Frontier, Da Vinci, Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel (officially licensed by the Vatican), Private Marilyn (featuring Marilyn Monroe's originals). Our exhibitions are dynamic, interactive, flexible, educational, entertaining; they have been displayed worldwide in museums, exhibition centres, shopping malls, corporate venues and even Formula 1 races.

Booth 23

Since 1975 the European Space Agency, ESA, has been pooling the resources of its Member States and leading cooperation with other nations to build a European space capability, undertaking programmes and activities far beyond the scope of any single European country. ESA develops the launchers, spacecraft and ground facilities needed to keep Europe at the forefront of global space activities. Today, it launches satellites for Earth observation, navigation, telecommunications and astronomy, sends probes to the far reaches of the Solar System and cooperates in the human exploration of space. ESA has 22 Member States

Booth 24

Since 1975 the European Space Agency, ESA, has been pooling the resources of its Member States and leading cooperation with other nations to build a European space capability, undertaking programmes and activities far beyond the scope of any single European country. ESA develops the launchers, spacecraft and ground facilities needed to keep Europe at the forefront of global space activities. Today, it launches satellites for Earth observation, navigation, telecommunications and astronomy, sends probes to the far reaches of the Solar System and cooperates in the human exploration of space. ESA has 22 Member States

Booth 25

Imagine Exhibitions is currently producing over 35 unique exhibitions globally in museums, science centers, zoos, integrated resorts, and non-traditional venues, with millions of people around the world visiting our exhibitions each year. In addition to developing successful traveling exhibitions, we design, open, and operate permanent installations and venues, and we consult on building, expanding, and directing museums and attractions.

Booth 26
Universcience - Cité des sciences et de l'industrie & Palais de la découverte

Being a center of excellence for science culture, Universcience aims to develop science and technology awareness, encourage vocations and foster innovation. It plays an active role in initiatives for science in society through cooperation, traveling exhibitions and consultancy.

Universcience traveling exhibitions cover a wide range of engaging topics. We are now touring: Special Effects, Cold, Fire, Cats & Dogs, Enjoy your meal and a lot more.

Soon available for touring: Body & Sports, Microbiota, Playhuts...

For more details on the exhibitions: www.universcience.fr/exhibitionservices/

Booth 27
EXPO Booking

The online booking and resource management system built with established Science Centres. Meeting the ever-changing and sometimes challenging booking environment of a progressive science centre, EXPO Booking has now handled over 60,000 reservations for more than 800,000 visitors. Since the launch in 2012, EXPO Booking is continuously improved based on new ideas, changing demands and requirements from our users as well as more recent adopters.

Booth 28

YIPP is a studio specialized in designing and producing digital media applications. We combine cutting edge technology, creative thinking and professional management to develop unique interactive experiences on location. We create software, multimedia and games for science centers, museums and experience centers. Work with us to create inspiring digital things that make an impact.

Booth 29
Expology - The Scandinavian Exhibition Design Agency- Creating experiences that Matter

Expology is one of Scandinavia’s Leading Exhibition Design Studios. As experts and enthusiasts in public learning and engagement, we care about YOUR visitors - visit booth No 29 to see the strides we have made in developing VjuPoint™ our beacon-based visitor engagement app.
Talk to us about sustainable solutions for your own exhibitions. Expology’s vision to ‘Make Experience Matter’ by setting new standards for visitor engagment, while being of service to our valued customers

Booth 30

We will present
“THE HI-TECH INVENTIONS OF ANCIENT GREECE”is a exhibition part of the “ k.Kotsanas Museum in Katakolo and Athens Greece.----"EUREKA ,ARCHIMEDES AND HIS TIME ,more than 70 inventions of Archimedes as well importand live moments are presented .This is part of “Archimedes Museum” in Olympia Greece.----"LEONARDO DA VINCI" machines and paintings a different approach to works,machines and paintings of the Great Genius.----"TUTANKHAMUN a journey into eternity".A collection of ca 250 hq replicas of most important finds in the tomb of the boy king ,

Booth 31

IDEA-Ancient Greek Science and Technology travelling exhibition produced by NOESIS Thessaloniki Science Center and Technology Museum, will take you through a unique journey to the world of Ancient Greek Science and Technology. Discover inventions that were created during the antiquity and influence the development of our societies even today in important fields of science and technology. Astronomy, architecture, automata, arts are a few of the thematic areas of this exhibition. Including various artifacts IDEA highlights the most important moments of world history and the contribution of the Greek spirit to it.

Booth 32
Gunther von Hagens' BODY WORLDS

Gunther von Hagens’ BODY WORLDS exhibitions present more than 200 unique plastinates that show the function of individual organs as well as common diseases.

The primary goal of the exhibition creators is preventive healthcare. Their BODY WORLDS exhibitions were conceived to educate the public about the inner workings of the human body and to show the effects of healthy and unhealthy lifestyles. Targeted mainly at a lay audience, the exhibitions are aimed to inspire visitors to become aware of the fragility of their bodies and to recognize the anatomical individual beauty inside each of us.

Booth 33
Science Projects Logo

Science Projects is a UK based non-profit organisation with over 30 years of experience in the field of interactive exhibits. We have our own Science and Discovery Centre - The Observatory Science Centre in East Sussex, we have an internationally recognised exhibit Design & Build service and we have interactive travelling exhibitions for hire.

Come and talk to us about interactive exhibits or see our work at Experimentarium's 'The Beach' Gallery.

Booth 34

Science Projects is a UK based non-profit organisation with over 30 years of experience in the field of interactive exhibits. We have our own Science and Discovery Centre - The Observatory Science Centre in East Sussex, we have an internationally recognised exhibit Design & Build service and we have interactive travelling exhibitions for hire.

Come and talk to us about interactive exhibits or see our work at Experimentarium's 'The Beach' Gallery.

Booth 35

At JRA, we understand that a science centre’s primary mission is to educate. We also understand that learning can be fun. Using strong story lines, immersive environments and interactives, our STEAM-based exhibits engage visitors in the joy of learning. Within our staff are content developers, planners, designers, media producers and project managers. We are capable of providing a range of services — from master planning to exhibit design to project management and art direction. And to all of it, we bring consistent innovation. Clients include Science Centre Singapore, The Mind Museum, and King Salman Science Oasis.

Booth 36
ERC is an exhibitor at the 2019 Ecsite Conference in Copenhagen

The European Research Council (ERC) was established in 2007 by the European Commission with the aim of stimulating scientific excellence across Europe. For the period 2014 to 2020, it has a budget of over € 13 billion distributed through annual grant competitions. The ERC has become known as a world-class institution funding the best and most creative scientists to identify and explore new opportunities and directions in any field of research, without thematic priorities. Driven by curiosity, ERC-funded projects bring about new and unpredictable scientific and technological discoveries. It is important that the community of professionals who engage audiences with science and technology are aware of these achievements. The ERC has recently funded a communication campaign, ERC=Science2, which includes activities in science centres and museums coordinated by Ecsite.

Booth 37

The Pavilion of Knowledge – Ciência Viva is the largest science centre in Portugal, welcoming more than 700 visitors each day. It opened in 1999, with the aim to inspire and mobilise visitors in exploring the world through science and technology. Covering 3000 m2 with hundreds of interactive exhibits, it´s possible to enjoy the meaning and power of science. In addition, there are professional programmes for educators and educational activities that spark curiosity and critical thinking among visitors, developing their foundational skills and contributing to an empowerment of citizenship based on scientific knowledge.

Booth 38
Impact Science is an exhibitor at the 2019 Ecsite Conference in Copenhagen

Impact Science offers comprehensive solutions across the research project­­­ lifecycle ranging from impact planning and dissemination to engagement and case study writing and assessment. We also offer standalone services tailored to the needs of specific project stages, such as impact writing and impact evaluation. Through our dissemination services of videos, infographics, policy briefings, project websites, and more, we help you engage with policymakers, industry, and charities. In short, our suite of services helps maximize the reach and significance of your impact and ensures that you have robust evidence of the change your research has made in the world.

Booth 39

Exporabbit offers custom solutions for science centers and museums. We are passionate about creating an innovative environment for a better learning experience.

Our competencies include space planning, graphic design, 3D, animations, production and strong project management.

Booth 40

From the 5th until the 9th of July 2020 Trieste is hosting the EuroScience Open Forum, the largest interdisciplinary meeting in Europe dedicated to science and innovation, a unique platform for interaction between scientists, policy makers, entrepreneurs, activists and citizens at large. From June the 27th until July 11th the Science in the City Festival accompanies the Forum with exhibitions, shows, workshops and performances. The public engagement in science will be object of reflection in the conference whilst being on stage in the festival. If you wish to submit a proposal for ESOF or the Festival, the two calls are open: www.esof.eu

Booth 41
Kiss the Frog | Interactive Media | Creative Technology

Kiss the Frog is a digital design agency specialised in interactive visitor experiences. We design the journey of the visitor, and create the technology that makes the magic work. For more than 15 years we have been delivering high quality interactive media for museums, science centers and corporate experiences all over the world.

We are a tight-knit team of designers and creative coders. Our dynamic crew of innovative developers, inspiring designers, and highly skilled project managers encompass creative thinking with practical know-how. Take a look at our online portfolio on www.kissthefrog.nl/work.

Booth 42
ACMI is an exhibitor at the 2019 Ecsite Conference Business Bistro

ACMI is Australia’s national museum of film, TV, video games, digital culture and art. A globally unique cultural institution, ACMI presents and champions the art and culture of the moving image, to celebrate, support and explore the past, present and future of screen culture and innovation. ACMI’s touring exhibitions focus on the nexus between art, science, technology and culture. Currently on tour and available for hire are three international exhibitions: DreamWorks Animation, Game Masters and Wonderland.

Booth 43

Copernicus Science Centre conducts modern science communication through interactive exhibitions, shows and workshops on scientific themes, debates and discussions as well as activities from the borderland of science and art. It also builds exhibits, applying authorial technological solutions thanks to which physical phenomena are presented with precision and the exhibits themselves are simple to operate and use. The mission of the Centre is to inspire curiosity, assist the independent discovering of the world, help to learn and inspire social dialogue on science.
Please visit us at our stand.

Booth 44
Vitenparken Campus Aas

Vitenparken is a science center that aims to fast forward the green transition and nudge the development of a green, sustainable economy. We inspire interest and engagement in food, environment, climate change and sustainability by innovative and creative science communication as well as art & cultural expressions. We develop and produce installations focused on sustainability and often related to food. We also develop and produce apps and games. Our installations, apps and games come complete with pedagogical programs for a large variety of age groups developed by our spesialist pedagogues.

Booth 45
Heijmerink Wagemakers, HWVA, museums, science centers, experiences, exhibits

Heijmerink Wagemakers is specialized in project management, engineering and construction of experiences and narrative places.

We combine creativity with technology to create reliable solutions. We closely cooperate with the client and designer from the planning stage to final delivery.

With a phased project approach we bring structure to communication, planning and decision-making. We are committed to transparency in budgets and in quality of technical solutions.

We have our own production area in which prototypes and unique specimens are made and where new techniques are tested. We also involve a network of partners in many disciplines to produce and deliver together any exhibit, exhibition or experience.

Come visit our booth and get to know us via our interactive game ‘First Time Right’!

Booth 46

TRIAD Berlin has been designing and producing exhibitions, museums, science centers, trade fairs, brand environments, retail spaces, and events since 1994. Our in-house services cover the entire range of project development – from strategic consulting, scenographic development, concept design, and media production to construction planning and engineering. We create a wide variety of interactive exhibits that inspire visitors to explore complex subjects as well as seemingly everyday issues.

TRIAD is based in Berlin and Shanghai.

Booth 47

Hüttinger is a one-stop shop for exhibition planning, design and fabrication, working for clients on an international scale. We develop exhibitions that promote exploration and understanding through multi-sensory experience.

Our preferred method of working is the design-and-build approach. This, together with a large in-house capacity, enables us to plan and provide turnkey solutions within a single project cycle, resulting in time savings, cost savings and, ultimately, a far more satisfactory exhibition. The essential prototyping is integral to the entire process.

Booth 48
Guide ID

At Guide ID we believe that people are curious. All around the world, people want to hear stories about buildings, parks, objects, historical sites, experiences, football stadiums and special collections. We use technology to help our clients worldwide to tell stories to their visitors and generate additional revenues by providing the world’s easiest audio guide combined with intelligent visitor analytics and marketing tools to build long time relationship with their visitors.

We are providing our services in 19 countries on 4 continents. A full client list can be found at http://www.guideid.com.

Booth 49

Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre creates world-class exhibitions and experiences for all. Since 1989 Heureka has produced 30 touring exhibitions. Our exhibitions have travelled to 28 countries and over 25 million people worldwide have seen them.

On top of the traveling exhibitions we will enter the state-of-the-art edutainment world through full offering of all science centre related services from consulting to copies.

For further information please contact Heureka Overseas Productions Ltd hop@heureka.fi and see www.heureka.fi/hop

Booth 50

The Natural History Museum in London, UK is a world-leading science research centre housing 300 research scientists and a collection of more than 80 million specimens. Through its collections and scientific expertise, the Museum is helping to conserve the extraordinary richness and diversity of the natural world with ground-breaking projects in 68 countries. The Museum is committed to promoting public understanding of science. This is greatly enhanced by the Darwin Centre, which offers visitors unique access behind the scenes of the Museum.

Booth 51

E&S is the world's first computer graphics company and has developed advanced computer graphics technologies for almost four decades. Focusing on digital planetariums, E&S, through the European representative Skypoint Planetariums, offers DIGISTAR, the world's leading digital planetarium system, fulldome programs and production services, giant screen films formatted for fulldome theaters, premium-quality projection domes and theater design services. NEW! Digistar Lite: with advanced features and a competitive price, it will revolutionize the way you present fulldome astronomy in your mobile or small fixed dome.

Booth 52
Science North Logo

Science North is Northern Ontario’s most popular tourist attraction and an educational resource for children and adults across the province. Science North maintains the second- and eighth-largest science centres in Canada: Science North, featuring an IMAX® theatre, digital Planetarium, butterfly gallery and Special Exhibits Hall, and Dynamic Earth – Home of the Big Nickel, an earth sciences centre.

Booth 53

MCW is a creative multimedia agency based in Rotterdam. Creative, as we are always able to step outside the bounds of the conventional to find a perfect and unique solution. Multimedia, as evidenced by the variety of studios that seamlessly combine their particular specialties: internet, cross-media, 3D visuals & animation, film and sound.

Whether you need corporate storytelling, interactive museum exhibits, graphic design, animation or virtual reality experiences, àt MCW, you can find all of the knowledge, creativity and experience needed to tell beautiful, sweet, raw and breathtaking stories.

Booth 54

The European Environment Agency (EEA) is an agency of the European Union, whose task is to provide sound, independent information on the environment. The EEA supports sustainable development through the provision of timely, targeted, relevant and reliable information to policymaking agents and the public. The European environment information and observation network (Eionet) is a partnership network of the EEA and its member and cooperating countries. Through Eionet, the EEA brings together environmental information from individual countries concentrating on the delivery of timely, nationally validated, high-quality data.

Booth 55
European Human Biomonitoring Initiative - HBM4EU

Our bodies are contaminated with chemicals that affect our health. Human biomonitoring is a tool for identifying the presence of chemicals in your body. Funded by the European Commission, HBM4EU is coordinating human biomonitoring across 28 European countries to generate evidence of the exposure of citizens to chemicals and understand the effects on health. The European Environment Agency is working to translate this evidence into policy action to protect human health. You can meet HBM4EU at booth 55 and at our panel session on chemicals, the environment and human health at 16.30hr on Saturday June 8.

Booth 56

Sky-Skan, an Ecsite Conference Sponsor since 2002, is a global leader in innovative multi-media products and services to communicate science using cutting edge visualization technologies. Today, with the largest collection of scientifically accurate data sets available, together with advanced multimedia presentation capabilities, Sky-Skan’s Definiti® theaters and installations, powered by our DigitalSky Dark Matter Software, immerse audiences in other Worlds, with the experience of being transported from the smallest known particles to edge of the known universe. Please stop by our booth to say hello.

Sky-Skan is a Gold Sponsor of the 2019 Ecsite Conference.

Booth 57
2020 Ecsite Conference logo

It will be the first time in Ecsite history that Slovenia hosts the Ecsite conference. Green capital Ljubljana, its cosy atmosphere and central location on the European map will contribute to this edition's uniqueness, together with the Kersnikova Institute's edgy art&science projects.

The theme: Echoes from the future

How will climate change, big data, personalised medicine, artificial intelligence, fake news or biodiversity loss shape the future science engagement? How will our missions, discourses, tools evolve? What new skills, partnerships, management styles or collections policies do we need for the future?

Science engagement organisations could be one of the spaces where challenging ethical questions are tackled and the future anticipated and co-invented. At a time where public discourse about the future seems torn between hopeless dystopia and hopeful reliance on technology, can we empower citizens to envision, shape and demand more sustainable, ethical, human-led and human-centred technological solutions? Can we go further and create participatory situations in which citizens co-own the future's production mechanisms?

At the Kersnikova Institute, host organisation of the 2020 Ecsite Conference, scientists, artists, mediators and engineers are working together to create new meanings and visual vehicles. The "Echoes from the future" conference theme is an invitation to the wide science engagement community to dialogue with this avant-garde and to revisit its role in the fast-approaching future.

Kersnikova Institute is a cultural organisation that serves as an institutional frame for three progressive venues: Kapelica Gallery, a world renown platform for contemporary investigative arts, the hacker space Rampa, where relations between society, science, technology and art are being reconsidered, and the inspirational laboratory BioTehna, which focuses on the artistic research of living systems. Kersnikova Institute is due to its strong programme focus marked on the maps of the most interesting international centres dealing with contemporary investigative arts, science and cuttingedge technologies.

Booth 58
Experimentarium logo

Experimentarium is a science centre for all of Denmark. Since 1991, we have explored the world through science and technology together with millions of curious children and adults. Experimentarium is a non-profit foundation whose aim is to stimulate people’s interest in science and technology. Our target audience is the entire population, with a special focus on children and young people.
We believe that knowledge and curiosity come alive with a hands-on approach. Therefore, everything is designed to be touched at Experimentarium, so that play and learning always go hand in hand.

Booth 59

Do you need exciting products in your museum shop?

At Robetoy we are always working to keep our museum assortment up to date. In our webshop you will find the latest and the classics within toys suitable for Science Centers, Historical museums and Aquariums.

Welcome and visit us at www.robetoy.eu or contact me Robert Holmgren at Robert.holmgren@robetoy and I will send you a log in account to the webshop

Booth 60

Bruns started in 1963 as a specialist in model making and has become a strong family company with a leading position as manufacturer of innovative, interactive exhibits and complete exhibitions, including the maintenance.
Bruns has emerged itself as an all-round multidisciplinary partner since it host all necessary fit-out disciplines in-house.
Our contribution to projects is driven by an ambitious goal: to offer visitors a complete experience and maximum educational value.

Booth 61

The UK’s Science Museum Group (SMG) is the world’s most significant museum group devoted to science. Governed by the Board of Trustees, SMG comprises the Science Museum, the National Railway Museum, the National Media Museum and the Museum of Science & Industry.

Since 2014, the group have created a range of inspiring and diverse touring exhibitions available to hire and display for national and international venues. We are also pleased to offer consultancy services to museums and science centres.

Booth 62

Exhibits.nl is a leading supplier of interactive exhibits, operating worldwide to the highest quality standards. Our exhibits are innovative, fun, educational and above all, of a world class built quality. Exhibits.nl produces high-quality, innovative and interactive 'off-the-shelf' exhibits.
The exhibits can be supplied in any colour. Most exhibits are plug and play, making them easy to install. Of course, we can arrange the installation of the exhibits on location as well as the maintenance of the exhibits. Please check out details of over one hundred exhibits online at www.exhibits.nl