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Sports & Spinach

Warning: this exhibition is no longer available - it is kept here for archive.

The Experimentarium’s special exhibition, Sports & Spinach, puts all its energy into a healthy and fun lifestyle

'''Sports & Spinach is a special exhibition which, through ingenious activities and a humorous approach, provides inspiration for cheerful exercise and explorations of the sensual universe of food.'''

Warning: this exhibition is no longer available - it is kept here for archive. 

++ When it’s time to get healthy!

... it’s no secret that the key to a healthy lifestyle lies in our exercise and food habits. Sports & Spinach takes a look at these subjects, but as always, with the object of making it fun to learn.

'''The Sports & Spinach exhibition consists of three fast-pace, educational and, in particular, appetising sections:'''

'''The Park''' is packed with fun and challenging activities that will get your pulse racing almost without you noticing. Here you will meet the Skip-obot, which with its tireless swing arm will not only send your body’s energy usage sky-high, but will also supply facts about precisely how much energy you have used in the process. You can hop, jump, throw, run, cycle and laugh your way around the many energetic features at the exhibition.

'''The Body Check''' is a whole universe of its own at the centre of the exhibition which, via surprising activities, helps to demystify some of the many facts and figures about the body. Your personal body card will give you much better insight into your body, your muscles, your blood pressure and your energy needs − and perhaps also provide inspiration for a few improvements!

'''The Family Kitchen''' takes a new and refreshing look at eating and exercise habits, seasoned with healthy laughter and tasty low-fat foods. It’s your turn to switch TV channels − not because you’ve got the remote control, but because you’re the best at pushing the pedals. We call this the Muscle-Powered Remote Control. Or learn about the concept of Computer Exercise. Use your taste buds and sense of smell to gain an insight into some of the secrets of the master cooks.

In '''The Taste Bar''', various different activities can take place during the course of the day. Your explainers can give the visitors opportunity to explore the many mechanisms that play a role in the way we taste our food.

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