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Edged On

"Edged on" proposes a series of exhibits to familiarise visitors
with the culture of risk. The aim is to foster a better grasp of the notion
of risk so that visitors understand what is involved in sensible risk taking.

Risque, osez l'expo itinérante ! / Risk, dare the touring exhibition!

The exhibition is divided into three distinct parts:

What is risk? Responsible risk taking requires accurate risk evaluation. This first part of the exhibition accessibly presents to visitors basic concepts such as the law of large numbers, a mathematical formula for calculating risks, and the categorization of the three worlds of risk — a perfect and gentle starting point that paves the way for more complex demonstrations to come.

Individual daring. To minimise the danger of risk-taking means knowing how to back off at the right time. It also means not letting being fooled by feelings of control. Finally, it involves understanding that risk assessment depends on the individual’s values and character.

Shared risks. The focus here is on risks taken by a group and by society as a whole. Whether we find ourselves in a bomb defusion squad or an urgent executive business meeting , collaborative decision making and risk assessment play a crucial roles. This final section of the exhibition highlights the mechanisms that govern collaborative risk taking.

The exhibition was co-produced with the Finnish Science Centre – Heureka (Finland), the Pavilhão do Conhecimento – Ciência Viva (Portugal), and with support from the Maif.

2 versions available:

medium size: 300m²

full size: 600-700 m²


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