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Technopolis to host 2020 Directors Forum online

A digital Directors Forum to provide connection and stimulation

The pandemic and subsequent travel / financial restrictions that many organisations are currently facing means that we are all currently looking for alternative ways in which to connect and share ideas without the requirement to travel. The 2020 Directors Forum was due to be held in Manchester this year, but the current pandemic situation continues to generate uncertainty and together with the hosts, it has been decided that we will instead visit the vibrant, exciting UK city for the Directors Forum in 2021 instead.

We will still be holding a Directors Forum this year and a Trustee of the Ecsite Board, Technopolis (Mechelen, Belgium), have fortunately stepped up and offered to host a digital version of this event. More information will be coming in the near future, but we are confident that our hosts will, just as with any of our Directors Forums, provide all directors and senior management with a stimulating event and lots of opportunity to connect, despite not being physically in the same location.

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