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Look into the future with the Nature Group at the Ecsite conference

There’s a number of good reasons to book the Ecsite Nature Group preconference day this year. If you are interested in meeting like-minded colleagues who deal with issues related to nature, we invite you to join us in the Nature Group. The group brings together collegues working in Science Centres, Natural History museums, Botanic Gardens, Aquariums, Zoos and all those who work with nature-related topics. This year our programme is of great interest for those whose institutes are in the middle of change, or preparing to renew their museum or institute. We are discussing and, more importantly, setting you to work in an intense and inspiring workshop that helps you look into the future. Where do you want to be in 2020, and how can you get there safely? How can you deal with uncertainties that lie outside your influence? In other words, is your institute heading toward evolution or extinction?

More information: http://www.ecsite.eu/annual_conference/programme/pre-conference Jason Daponte from ‘Enter the swarm’ will lead a workshop on scenario planning during the workshop – take a look at his keynote presentation at MuseumNext 2012 here: http://entertheswarm.com/?p=677