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Ecsite Annual Conference 2012 presentations now online

As of July, Lucy Schweingruber has joined the Ecsite team as Events & Fundraising Manager. Lucy is in charge of next year’s conference and is able to answer your questions in English, French and German. Contact her at lschweingruber@ecsite.eu.

Session presentations from the Ecsite Annual Conference 2012: Time and space, unlimited of are now available in the 2012 sessions archive: www.ecsite.eu/activities_and_resources/annual_conferences/all_sessions?conference=4579 The 2012 conference feedback report will be posted on the Ecsite.eu in early September. Watch for the posting announcement on Twitter, Facebook and at www.ecsite.eu.Thank you to all who contributed their feedback; a total of 241 online and 2141 session feedback forms were collected.