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2019 Directors Forum: pitch to talk at the Opening

Pitch to talk at the #EcsiteDF2019 Opening

Senior Managers of Ecsite Full member organisations will be coming together in Trondheim on 13-15 November for 2.5 days of networking, high-profile talks & workshops and peer learning. The event is hosted by the Trondheim Science Centre in partnership with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

The theme is "Future thinking - the Sustainable Development Goals as an opportunity for developing organisations".

What is your take on this topic? We are looking for five contributions of 5 minutes each for the event's Opening. No “traditional” powerpoint, please – only images, videos… or just you on the stage. We’re looking for lessons learnt – take away ideas for your peers that should include both do’s and don’ts, fundamental questions or concerns.
Case studies will be presented on Wednesday 13 November, just after the Ecsite President’s and our Host’s addresses.

Send a short pitch (300 words max) to communications@ecsite.eu by 15 September, stating:

  • What your project consists or consisted of
  • The main take away messages you’d like to share
  • Your format idea

Contributions will be reviewed by Ecsite, the Trondheim Science Centre and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and selected to ensure an overall balance of partnership types, geographic origin and gender. Priority will be given to those who did not present a case study at previous years' Openings.

And... register now! Everything you need is on the dedicated Directors Forum page.


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