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8th Hands On! International conference, Lubljana and Celje, Slovenia

Under the theme Identity, Cultural Diversity and Heritage: The Role of Children's Museums in Times of Rapid Change, the conference will provide a platform focused on values of cultural heritage as an integral part of our way of life from the perspective of children and young people.

The Hands On! International - until 2011 known as Hands On! Europe (HO!I) is an international professional organisation representing and advocating for its non-profit member institutions. Membership ranges from children's museums to large collection-based institutions dedicated to serving young visitors through a variety of interactive exhibits, to groups that are in the planning phases of opening a children's museum. Membership is also open to corporations, consultants, and individuals, although HO!I does not endeavour to represent the specific interests of these members. HO!I provides its members with information about developments in the field and professional practices. HO!I strives to be an effective voice for children’s museums at a public policy level and actively stimulates the creation and development of children’s museums and more space for cultural and educational activities for children and young people.