Open Science Resources Summer School

The Open Science Resources summer school aimed to offer to teachers from all over Europe the chance to get acquainted with open educational resources repositories and be trained to use existing materials and relevant tools so as to design top quality educational activities that may be easily retrievable and available at anytime from anywhere. Besides the main training sessions, participants had the opportunity to engage in activities that will offer them plenty of information about the integration of new technologies in the current teaching practices.

The course included presentations and practical sessions (workshops) on:

  • www and its educational uses for teachers;
  • Strategies for searching information online; Introduction to the concept of learning objects;
  • Introduction to learning repositories;
  • Introduction to preparing, uploading and sharing learning resources;
  • Introduction to metadata, educational metadata, metadata-based searching, and authoritative educational metadata schemas (DC-ed & IEEE LOM);
  • Social metadata and Web 2.0 tools (folksonomies & social tagging), presentation of popular social tools (e.g. Flikr) and scenarios for their use in the classroom;
  • Pedagogical strategies and best practices for using digital teaching & learning resources in the classroom; Hands-on session working on resources related to science, making use of the OSR portal (, with references also to the COSMOS ( and xlpora ( portals.

The training course included more than 15 hours of lectures and demonstrations, and 15 hours of hands-on workshops.