EMME 2015 - Euro-Mediterranean and Middle East Summer School of Science Communication

The EMME Summer School is a training programme for science centre leaders. It aims to build the capacities of professionals working in the field of science communication in the Euro-Mediterranean and Middle East regions.

Euro-Mediterranean and Middle East countries share the same history and today face the same issues concerning the development of the region. There is a need to reinforce a stronger partnership with people and to support institution-building, with the aim of delivering sustainable and inclusive growth and job creation.

The 2015 edition of the course took place at Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt and included:

  • Lectures and theoretical content
  • Practical workshops
  • Case studies
  • Visits

Speakers and facilitators, mostly practitioners from partner organisations, gave participants hands-on workshops as well as sessions; hence, transmitting to participants concrete skills and knowledge based on practical expertise. The School was open to all members of the NAMES and Ecsite networks; priority being given to members located in the Middle East, North Africa, and/or in Europe. Universcience Partenaires, France, will be supporting 5 participants.

Find more information on the dedicated web page and read Honorary Ecsite Fellow Brigitte Countant's column published in the Spokes magazine.