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2022 pre-Conference workshops

1 June 2022
Space Group pre-Conference hands on activities

The day before the Ecsite Conference (or so-called "pre-Conference") is dedicated to in-depth workshops. A wide range of training courses will be offer in 2022, on equity & inclusion, learning outcomes, open schooling, science shows and space. This is your chance to meet specialist peers and join communities of practice around specific topics.


Dive into equity, diversity, & inclusion

...with Barbara Streicher, Amparo Leyman Pino, Shaaron Leverment, Sanne den Adel, Vanessa Mignan, Antonia Caola, Alexia Sonnois, Cristina Veiga-Pires, David Jones, Colleen M. Schmitz, Meie van Laar, Kathrin Kösters and Silvio Wey.

This one-day workshop is targeted at colleagues who are interested in advocating and implementing strategies to become a diverse and inclusive science engagement organisation, but do not know where to start or how to organise already initiated...(Read more)

Researching visitors’ learning outcomes: a beginner’s guide

...with Welmoet Damsma, Inga Specht, Siëlle Gramser and Anne Land.

When developing an exhibition or activity, we want the best possible visitor experience and learning outcomes - but how do we know we've achieved this? Personal meaning mapping, multiple choice tests, follow-up interviews, pre- and post-...(Read more)

We love and believe in Open Schooling BUT...

...with Maria Zоlоtоnоsа, Cristina Olivotto, Eszter Salamon, Torben Roug, Dee Halligan, ‫, Chagit Tishler, Tamar Fuhrmann, Pavlos Koulouris, Claudia Aguirre, Malvina Artheau, Inês Saavedra, Didier Laval and Maria Vicente

The Open Schooling Together group - a partnership of 8 European projects on Open Schooling - is inviting you to rethink learning boundaries and discover how schools and students can be supported to become agents of community well-being through...(Read more)

Once upon a time... climate stories in science shows

...with Marta Iglewska, Szymon Filipowicz, Danielle Grandeville, Des Zerafa Cini and Griet Bouciqué.

How to talk to the audience about climate change? The world of science has been using various techniques for this purpose: lectures, workshops, publications, exhibitions ... Understanding the mechanisms of this phenomenon is necessary to motivate...(Read more)

Space for today’s challenges

...with Maria Menendez, Ana Noronha, Christophe Chaffardon and Barbara Budassi.

This workshop is organised by the European Space Agency – ESA – and the Ecsite Space Group, the Ecsite thematic group that aims to improve and extend...(Read more)