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2019 Pre-Conference Workshops

4 June 2019 - 5 June 2019
Pre-conference workshop at #Ecsite2018. @Ecsite - MuseumGeneve - Philippe Wagneur


The two days preceding the Ecsite Conference (or so-called "pre-conference") are dedicated to in-depth workshops. A wide range of training courses will be offered, on misinformation, EU funding, experience design and much more. This is your chance to meet specialist peers and join communities of practice around specific topics. Some of the workshops will be run by Ecsite's thematic groups.

Check out the different workshops's abstracts and detailed programmes:

ON 4 & 5 JUNE

Space for all, Space for Earth

with Ecsite's Space Group
Ana Noronha, Marc Moutin, Maria Menendez, Tina Ibsen, Marianne Achiam, Manuel Cira

Bringing Space “down to Earth” is a priority for the Space sector. Space is a vantage point for monitoring our ever-changing planet – from floods and forest fires to changes in ice cover and rising sea... continue reading

Museogamix: Creative marathon

Kate Kneale, Daniela De Angeli, John Sear, Ran Peleg, Malvina Artheau, Rannei Solbak Simonsen, Claudia Sodini

Let’s investigate and reinterpret the Experimentarium science centre, venue of this Ecsite Conference, through the lens of a fun and inspiring two-day workshop. Inspired by the Museomix... continue reading

Beyond fact checking: Addressing misinformation

Antonio Gomes da Costa, Brooke Smith, Brian Southwell

This two-day pre-conference workshop will bring together social science researchers and the science engagement community to explore the role of science communication professionals at a moment when many worry about the prevalence of misinformation... continue reading

Measuring learning: An introduction

with Ecsite's REV Group
Nils Petter Hauan, Ilona Iłowiecka-Tańska, Roy Schedler, Theano Moussouri, Elizabeth McGregor Jacobides, Peter Wardrip

What kind of learning is really taking place in museums and science centres? How do we measure it? This two-day pre-conference workshop will equip participants with tools enabling them to identify the learning taking place at their venue... continue reading



Experience design in practice

Rui Quinta, Mariana Cardoso, Ines Montalvao, Haydn Antoniw, Leonel Alegre, Poul Kattler

Interactivity has always been part of the science centre's DNA and is now common in museums and other science engagement settings. However, it doesn't necessarily take into consideration visitors' emotional journeys. The concept of experience... continue reading

Expanding Horizons: An introduction to EU funding

Maria Zоlоtоnоsа, Suzana Filipecki Martins, Carmen Fenollosa, Didier Laval

You would like to get your share of European funding - but you don’t know where to start? Many public engagement institutions are involved in EU-funded projects - however, for newcomers this world might seem overwhelming. Framework programmes,...  continue reading



Engaging audiences with big global issues

with Ecsite's Nature Group
Henrik Sell, Carole Paleco, Thomas Berg

How do we ignite action among our visitors and make them reflect on causes and effects? The world is facing major challenges in terms of local and global environmental problems. These are problems that worry many people and can seem... continue reading

Creative computation: tinkering in the digital age

Sebastian Martin, Amos Blanton, Carmelo Presicce, Martin Swift, Kathrin Unterleitner, Ryan Jenkins, Stefania Druga

Digital technology has long been a part of science centres’ and museums’ exhibits, programmes and activities. The recent surge of interest in MakerSpaces and introduction of new tools have led to opportunities for creating playful, open-ended and... continue reading

Social inclusion, equity and diversity: Organisational change

Vanessa Mignan, Barbara Streicher, Shaaron Leverment, Elizabeth Rasekoala, Emanuel Reis, Nicole Bullock

How do we break out of our own echo chamber(s) and roll out the diversity, equity and inclusion agenda throughout all areas of our organisations for embedded, transformative change? Tying in with the “pushing boundaries” conference theme, this... continue reading


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