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2018 Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre-conference workshop at #Ecsite2017 in Porto

The two days preceding the Ecsite Annual Conference (or so-called "pre-conference") are dedicated to in-depth workshops. A wide range of training courses will be offered, on experience design, social inclusion and diversity, marketing and much more. This is your chance to meet specialist peers and join communities of practice around specific topics. Some of the workshops will be run by Ecsite's thematic groups.

Check out the different workshops's abstracts and detailed programmes:


Marketing: data-based audience development and branding

Joanna Kalinowska, Maarten Okkersen, Benedicte Wolff

Marketing and communication are changing considerably in science engagement organisations as the result of the speed of online communication, the rapid growth of technology and changes in our audiences' identity. But new technologies also provide... continue reading

Live action games: a powerful tool

Fabrice Jouvenot, Isabelle Chabanon-Pouget, Melissa Richard, Malvina Artheau, John Sear, Radhika Beaume, Aymeric Faucher

Positioned at the crossroads of theatre, games and personal experiences, live action games (LARPs) are powerful tools for social inclusion, decision taking and content communication. Fully immersed and emotionally engaged, players are "pushed"... continue reading

Developing inquiry-based workshops for high-school students

Julia Woithe, Tania Johnston, Anne Land, Jasper Bloemen, Freddy Grip, Wolfgang Vieser

Many science centres and out-of-school learning labs offer hands-on workshops for (high-school) students in addition to their interactive exhibitions.
A common challenge is to find the right balance between open inquiry and "cookbook" type... continue reading


Developing successful science games

Melissa Richard, Isabelle Chabanon-Pouget, Melissa Richard, Fabrice Jouvenot, Malvina Artheau, Daniela De Angeli, Yael Bamberger

In this whole day workshop we trigger participants’ creativity, imagine one or several science related games and bring them to life through prototyping. Prototypes will then be beta tested during the rest of the conference, at the GameLab... continue reading

When faith and facts collide

with Ecsite's Nature Group
Henrik Sell, Carole Paleco, Thomas B Berg, Yuri Matteman, Michelle Price, André Abreu

Science centres and natural history museums are increasingly involved in debates between natural sciences and more belief-driven views. In this whole-day pre-conference workshop we will unpin this issue and explore possible routes for the future... continue reading

Social inclusion, equity & diversity: time for change

Sheena Laursen, Barbara Streicher, Vanessa Mignan, Elizabeth Rasekoala, Emily Dawson, Piotr Bienkowski, Jo Bryant, Shaaron Leverment

As individuals and institutions, most of us believe that science and science engagement spaces are for everyone and as such should engage ‘everyone’. Yet this belief might be standing in the way of actually becoming more inclusive, as we struggle... continue reading

Experience design in practice

Leonel Alegre, Roberta Mansur, Ines Montalvao, Raphael Chanay, Alisson Boiffard, Herve Groscarret

Interactivity has always been part of the science centre's DNA and is now common in many types of museums. However, it doesn't necessarily take into consideration visitors' emotional journey. The concept of experience design recently started to... continue reading

ON 5 & 6 JUNE

Space for Life: engaging audiences

with Ecsite's Space Group
Ana Noronha, Marc Moutin
, Maria Menendez, Claude Nicollier, Maria Zоlоtоnоsа, Pierre-Yves Frei, Ines Prieto, Guido Schwarz, Rosa Martí, Michel Mayor, Francesco Pepe, Stéphane Paltani, Antoine Pommerol, Tania Johnston, Thomas Beck

Since life on Earth is so common and resistant to extreme environments and since its chemical building blocks are found everywhere in the universe, several past and current missions have been searching for primitive life or conditions for life,... continue reading

Research & evaluation: beginner's guide & deeper understanding

with Ecsite's REV Group
Marjelle van Hoorn, Jennifer DeWitt, Roy Schedler, Ilona Iłowiecka-Tańska, Nils Petter Hauan, Colin Johnson

There is a lot happening in evaluation and research. How can you find your way around it all?
The first day of this two-day in-depth workshops offers an introduction and a refresher. Small group activities and inspiring talks will help... continue reading