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Directors Forum 2011: Crossing Borders

24 November 2011 - 26 November 2011
2011 Ecsite Directors Forum

Our world is evolving at a faster and faster rate making it necessary for us to quickly adapt and change. Some changes and new developments are crucial for science centers and science museums. We need to run with the times and be flexible since we often end up conducting business in new territory, between traditional borders. Sometimes we are required to cross these borders altogether.

Take a look at the pictures on Ecsite's Flickr account and at the programme and presentations below.

The 2011 Directors Forum, hosted by Continium in Kerkrade (Netherlands) took a look at our changing professional world from two different angles: crossing borders within our own field, but also crossing borders as a way of reaching out to learn from other sectors.



Discovery Museum

Discovery Museum is a combination of former museums Columbus, Cube and Continium and is the largest museum for science and technology in the south of The Netherlands. With an extensive collection of industrial heritage and a vast amount of hands on exhibits Discovery Museum combines the best of a museum and a science center. Visitors can discover how science and technology affect their day to day life, not only in the present time, but also in the past and the future. They can travel through time, experiment with science and build their own technical gadgets.