Canadian Association of Science Centres Annual Conference: Proposals due 18 November 2011


Energy @ the Centre

Energy lies at the heart of so much of what we do at our science centres and museums—from the energy we invest in developing ideas and building exhibitions, to our energetic engagement with visitors. With limited resources and so much to do, however, how can we direct this energy towards achieving maximum results? How are we meeting the internal demands of our organizations? How

do we ensure that our visitors are energized by their contact with us? We invite you to join us at the 2012 Canadian Association of Science Centres’ Conference. This 10th Annual Conference, hosted by the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation, is expected to welcome more than 120 delegates. This three-day conference features a pre-conference activity, more than twenty learning sessions, a keynote speaker, and events that include a welcome reception, a tradeshow (Friday, May 4), and our national awards gala (Saturday, May 6).

Plugging into Generations: Our audiences are changing. As the population ages and family sizes decrease, science centres and museums can no longer rely solely on family audiences. Older adults and teens are becoming important new audiences for our organizations. How are you reaching out to new audiences? Have you developed content specifically to attract new visitors? The program committee is interested in sessions that address content development, as well as marketing strategies designed to attract a changing audience.

Charged Up and Plugged In: Science centres and museums are communities—whether this means the staff teams that develop, deliver, promote and fund activities; the networks and partners we activate with our programming; or the audiences with which we engage. Communities lie at the heart of what we do. What are the programming trends that enable these connections? What is the role of social media? How are we recruiting, inspiring, and retaining our workforce? The program committee is interested in sessions that address collaboration, partnerships, innovative programming, audience development, team development and social media.

Management of Resources: From dealing with competing demands for resources, to the challenges of changing demographics and a realignment of priorities, the process of deciding where to devote your energies is a challenging one. What are best practices in resource management? How can we learn from other’s mistakes and successes? The program committee is interested in sessions that address planning strategies, program and project management models, and best practices.

Current Science: Science centres and museums share a common mission: to promote the science literacy of visitors, and to engage visitors with current science and technology. How do we involve and engage visitors in discussions? How do we keep our science and technology exhibits and programs responsive to current science? Tell us about the mechanisms you have in place for changing exhibits and programs at your centre. How is technology helping you to keep science current at your centre? The program committee is interested in sessions that explore innovative ways of engaging visitors in discussion and discovery around the role of science and technology in society.

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Canadian Association of Science Centres

Annual Conference hosted by the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation
Ottawa, Ontario, May 3–5, 2012