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The non-profit organization Techmania Science Center o.p.s. was established in 2005 by the company ŠKODA HOLDING and the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. The aim of the founders has been to build up a modern science center which would be the most ambitious project of its kind in the Czech Republic. Since its opening on November 4th 2008, the science center has become an important player on the field of informal education in the Bohemian region.

Techmania Science Center is based on exhibits that explain a particular mathematical or physical principle by means of hands-on activities. The interactivity involves visitors in making the exhibits move, so the natural principle are demonstrated by the particular process. In these cases, learning is based on personal experience.

The goal of Techmania Science Center is to help the public, especially young people, to get more familiar with the development of human knowledge and show how it is used in technology and science. The next aim is to introduce the present limits of human knowledge and point out the unanswered questions for which the next generation, the young visitors of the science center, will find answers.

Currently the center offers three permanent and one travelling exhibitions as well as many regular scientific shows, events lectures etc. which attract over 70 000 visitors per year.