Mediendom at the University of Applied Sciences

The Mediendom is a digital theatre open to the public. On the one hand the Mediendom represents science in a new way, e.g. you can virtually promenade through monuments of ancient cultures. The presentations combine the different facets of human knowledge to an extensive view of our cosmos. On the other hand the new technical chances are used for experimental art or for contemplative presentations. Additionally, surprising and spectacular effects are used to entertain audiences.
The Mediendom is also a special multimedia room at the University of Applied Sciences, Kiel, used as a lecture room and working place by the students of the internationally orientated Master course of study “Multimedia Production” established in 1999. It has a dome of 9 m in diameter and allows to create multimedia products by using different kinds of tools. Shows of different kinds, such as planetarium shows, a show about the rain forest in Costa Rica, Magellan circumnavigating the globe for the first time and shows for entertainment, are produced at the Mediendom. There are cooperations with other planetaria like Hamburg and with institutions of art like the Muthesius Academy of Art and Design and the Kiel Ballet and artists like Rudolf H. Herget and Christine Högl.

The Mediendom is a prototype of a new form of event locations as well as
an outstanding educational institution for the interdisciplinary study of
multimedia production.
We are offering a variety of different products like already produced
final shows for children and adults to be shown in other planetaria but we
do also offer individual show productions and animation for individual
institutions (science centers, museums, planetariums).

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Non profit
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Mr. Eduard Thomas