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The A.M. Qattan Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit developmental organisation founded in 1993. It is registered in the UK as a charity. A branch of the Foundation is also registered in Palestine as a non-profit organisation.

The Foundation’s vision focuses on a just, free, enlightened and tolerant society with a global presence; one that embraces dialogue and is a producer of knowledge, art and literature.

Helen and Walid Kattan Science Education Project within Qattan Centre for Educational Research and Development at A.M. Qattan Foundation primarily aims to improve the quality of science education in Palestine’s schools. To this end, a many-pronged approach has been adopted which engages teachers, students, their parents, and the wider community.

The Science Education Project equips teachers with the latest tools and methods for encouraging an interactive classroom environment, where student participation and input is considered a valuable part of the learning process. The Project also helps to promote a culture of science literacy outside of the classroom, by encouraging science’s use in day-to-day problem solving, and for understanding the natural world.

The Project aims to contribute to research in the field of science education, and to provoke dialogue about science education in Palestine. A research team is currently conducting a comprehensive study towards the goal of establishing an interactive science museum in Palestine.

Moreover, the Project seeks to empower teachers to source classroom materials, develop engaging curricula, and deepen their own understanding of their chosen discipline, their professional responsibilities, and their place within the community. It has also been designed to enhance students’ understanding and application of science, by providing better laboratories in schools, and by taking science out of the classroom with an informal science education programme.

This training course provides a unique opportunity to explore the topics of inquiry-based education, science museum learning, science literacy and education, and the development of teachers’ expertise; topics that are highly applicable to our vision for an interactive science centre in Palestine.

Helen and Walid Kattan Science Education Project webpage: http://www.qattanfoundation.org/en/whk