Latvian association of science centers (LZCA)

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LZCA is a non-profit organization established by several municipalities around Latvia. LZCA is developing and building its own exhibits, developing new workshops, organizing nation-wide science outreach events, like "Space Festival". The organization has established 5 science centers covering all regions of Latvia:

1) Science center "Z(in)oo" - 8 Jana Poruka str., Cesis, Latvia 

2) Science center "Lielvārdi" - 5 skolas str., Lielvarde, Latvia 

3) Curiosity center "Wonders" in Riga - 67 Dzirnavu str., Riga, Latvia 

4) Curiosity center "Wonders" in Daugavpils - 30 Vienibas str., Daugavpils, Latvia 

5) Curiosity center "Wonders" in Liepaja - 4/6 Autoru str., Liepaja, Latvia