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Codice. Idee per la cultura was founded in 2002, based on Vittorio Bo’s idea, with the intention of making an important commitment and addition to the field of cultural promotion in its widest sense. On the basis of the recent anglo-american history, every event dealing with human knowledge is taken into consideration, in the hope that we can bring the new forms of popularization and learning of what is now referred to as the “third culture” to life. Codice’s objective is, in the first place, to identify the riches and potentialities of Italian heritage in all of its aspects, and to become the link between the two worlds, which are traditionally divided, of Humanities and Sciences. In the second instance, Codice intends to create a real connection between the new perspectives drawn out by the third culture and its recipients, by each time reinterpreting the sites and media it uses as “open works”, which can offer new opportunities for meetings and the gathering of knowledge. By making use of its collaborators’ various abilities and the use of expressly individuated experts, Codice stands out for its ability to supply services and consultancy dealing with planning and the communication of culture at different levels of complexity, which range from the creation of single popularization products to the ideation and realisation of entire cultural systems. Codice develops integrated systems of communication, supporting the cultural activities that it’s involved in with appropriate marketing projects, orientated towards the finalization of each project’s objectives and their best fulfilment. This area started out with a cultural marketing study dedicated to the redevelopment of Turin’s Egyptian Museum, and then evolved into the elaboration of a series of specific interventions which intended to increase the value of the artistic heritage of the territory, with projects dedicated to it, market analyses, evolutions of the dynamics of the flux and consumption of tourists and projects of artistic courses tied to the territory of the following cities: Genoa, Syracuse and Urbino. See, as an example: . Collaborations and partnerships Codice. Idee per la cultura has collaborated and collaborates with: Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, Bracco, Compagnia di San Paolo, Costa Edutainment, Enel, Finmeccanica, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Genova e Imperia, Fondazione Edoardo Garrone, Fondazione per il Libro, la Musica e la Cultura (Turin), Fondazione Musica per Roma, Lottomatica, Pirelli RE, Sanofi Aventis, Telecom Progetto Italia (Gruppo Telecom), Utet, Regione Liguria, the cities of Genoa, Mantua, Syracuse, Urbino and Verona. Codice Edizioni Codice Edizioni was founded in Turin in the September of 2003 as the natural continuation of the project elaborated by Codice. Idee per la Cultura, with the intention of renewing the editorial tradition orientated towards essayist reflection, the debate on contemporary and popular science in a time when readers are showing a particular interest towards new forms of editorial consumption. The Publisher’s main lines are primarily orientated towards science, the diffusion of which, in Italy, still suffers from the lack of expressive tools and a limited number of eye-witnesses to cover the immeasurable thirst for knowledge and the curiosity of readers searching for information, analysis and timely confrontation. The editorial programme is orientated towards the search for the many voices, still to be translated, present in the countries where tradition and the market have had significant weight in this field (we are mainly referring to the Anglo-Saxon countries and the United States of America, but to France as well), without failing to bet on known and less known Italian authors. The Publisher pays particular attention to the new forms of scientific communication, so it stays close to the sites of national and international relationship building, such as research centres and centres of excellence, as well as museums and places whose intentions are to have a direct relationship with the young to help them understand and to fall in love with science. The second field which it looks to is that of the social and critical sciences, with the intention of creating a fertile relationship with the sites of continuous change in our cultural and social anthropology and the different forms of expression that these fields can represent: sociological research and analysis, new social needs, human rights problems, the dimensions of a fragile contemporary globalised world, the problems, which are often ignored and yet are delicate, of geopolitics, as well as new methods of representing the relationship between the production of culture and its consumption. At this time the backlist is made up 57 books. See , The Genoa Science Festival The first Italian Festival dealing only with Science reached its 4th edition in 2006, which had a tally of 250 events split between exhibitions, workshops, meetings, readings, shows and didactic activities. The number of total visitors, more than 260000, that came to the Ligurian capital and the extraordinary attention paid to the event by the media decree its incredible success. Codice is one of its founding partners, along with the INFM-CNR, and organisers. The Associazione Festival della Scienza is also made up by the local Institutions, Councils and private parties, and is partnered by Telecom Italia’s Progetto Italia and the Compagnia di San Paolo. See . Rome Science Festival The first edition of the Rome Science Festival, called Sconfinatamente, organised with the Fondazione Musica per Roma, was focused on the theme of the brain, and defined for the general public the great developments that have recently been made in both the theoretical and experimental cognitive sciences. Following the success of the first edition, the second edition was held in January 2007, on the theme of “The Ages of Life”, with the intention of collecting some of the most important Italian and international scientists and philosophers, and making them meet and confront themselves with each other on themes of the utmost importance: the study of infancy, the development of the mind, the birth of speech, the analogies between evolution and development, sexuality, aging and the end of life, without forgetting our aspirations to immortality. See . Viaggio Telecom A themed trip inside the culture of Italian cities organised annually by Progetto Italia. Codice followed and organised the events in Ascoli Piceno (2005 edition) and Pisa (19-21 May 2006), working on themes involving science and technology with international experts, exhibits, shows and performances. See . Mondadori Junior Festival The third edition of the Mondadori Junior Festival will be held in April 2007. It is an event dedicated to children and teenagers organised by the Mondadori Group with the City of Verona, planned and curated in its entirety by Codice. It will once again be held in Verona this year: the appointments are many, divided into thematic courses following the formula which had been tried, with success, in the last two editions. Workshops, games, animations, readings and meetings with authors, scientific courses, historical courses, multimedia activities, sporting events, theatrical and musical shows, all combine to provide a great variety in the offer for the public, everything linked by its interactivity and multicultural dialogue. See . Editorial consultancy Codice has also offered important editorial consultancy to publishers such as Torino’s UTET, with which at the moment there is a multi-year consultancy for the planning of a new work dedicated to the history of Italy, curated by Luigi Luca Cavalli Sforza, and for editorial groups such as Gruppo L’Espresso and Arnoldo Mondadori Editore. Fest In May 2007 the first edition of FEST will be held in Trieste. It is a fair dedicated to the world of International Science Media, for which Codice collaborates with the International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste, with the active support of the Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia. Its aim is to provide a forum where the media world and the scientific world can meet, but also to be an event which communicates their production and a fair of all the forms of media involved in Science popularization (books, magazines, radio, TV, internet): it will last four days (17th-20th May), with a rich program full of events, performances and shows dedicated to science which will help to involve the general public and to deepen its knowledge of a sector which is continuously evolving. See Città della Parola This is a proposal which has been entirely conceived by Codice involving creation of a large international centre dedicated to words and the problems of language, with a permanent exhibition, sites for temporary exhibitions, didactic multimedia production centres, and has been inserted into the framework of the City of Turin’s future plans. The Città della Parola project will present itself to the public with an exhibition dedicated to the relationship between words, design and urban planning in the context of the events organised for Turin World Design Capital 2008, and will then become a permanent site in the contexts of the commemorations for Turin as the First Capital of Italy in 2011. See, as an example,