Associazione Didattica Museale

ADM is an association whose goal is the public understanding of science. Since 1994 ADM has managed the educational department of the Museo civico di Storia Naturale di Milano, and has cooperated with many other insititutions such as natural parks and other museums. ADM works with schools as well as the general public, trying to spread passion towards the museum and a better understanding of nature. ADM is project leader of many educational programs aiming at improving the cooperation between schools and museums. This includes projecting new resources such as interactive labs. ADM works in formation as well, aiding teachers and museum operators to improve their abilities in the field. ADM also projects exhibitions on various topics in natural science (the last being… poo…). ADM also works to bring vast public to the museum, by organizing events which join science with art and music and movies.

Type of institution: 
Non profit
Associate Member

Contact person

Ms. Ilaria Guaraldi Vinassa de Regny


+39 02 884 63 293


+39 02 76022101