Experience design in practice

Ecsite Annual Conference 2018

Creative Collisions
Geneva, Switzerland 7 June 2018 - 9 June 2018
Natural History Museum of Geneva

06.06.2018 | 09:00 - 17:45

Wednesday 6 Jun 2018

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum
Pre-conference workshop
Exhibit development

Interactivity has always been part of the science centre's DNA and is now common in many types of museums. However, it doesn't necessarily take into consideration visitors' emotional journey. The concept of experience design recently started to gain prominence in the museum field. It privileges emotions and focuses on the quality, enjoyment, relevance and transformative power of the visitor experience.

In this full-day workshop held at the Natural History Museum of Geneva, we will cover the principles of experience design while participants, following well-defined methodologies, create experiences in situ.

Experts will share best practices and participants will take part in discussion groups on human centred design, design for emotions, designing accessible experiences, creating narratives, etc…

A detailed programme can be found here.

Careful, exception: this pre-conference workshop is taking place at the Natural History Museum of Geneva and not at the CICG convention centre like other workshops. Participants will receive joining instructions in due course.

Outcomes: what will participants get from this session? Skills, knowledge, experience etc.

Participants of this pre-conference will:

- work with other museum and science centre professionals to design experiences based on the colletions of the Natural History Museum of Geneva

- get to know the basic principles of user-experience design

- reflect about the concepts of experience and emotional design

- know best practices in experience design applied to museums

- get to know best practices in accessible design

- apply and experiment different methodologies in designing experiences.


Leonel Alegre
Experience and Content Manager
toyno - space experience design studio

Session speakers

Roberta will present the basic principles of Experience Design and some design-thinking based techniques applied to this field.
exhibition developer / content designer
Ines will develop the topic of human-centred design and concept co-creation for museum permanent and travelling exhibitions. Her approach will focus on tailored science experiences and emotions, and their impact on visitors.
Exhibitions and Interpretation Manager
United Kingdom
Raph will explore narrative and content design, with a particular focus on the challenges of natural history museum's collections and stories. He will also develop on audience analysis (who are the visitors, what are their motivations, etc...).
Exhibition designer
Alisson will focus her presentation on inclusion and physical, intelectual and social accessibility. She will also discuss experience co-design with the audiences.
Herve Groscarret
Head Public engagement and Exhibition
Hervé will present examples of gamification of visitor’s experience in the Natural History Museum of Geneva. He will also launch a challenge to the group to design a new experience based on the collection of the museum.