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Amazing journey into the depths of the Earth.

Let´s learn more about the inanimate nature and minerals. Enjoy the time on the journey through the mining galleries and find out more about mineral mining. Be amazed at how many of them you need in a common life...

Floor area
Techmania Science Center
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A real pre-historical burial place, discovered in 1928 in France, is at the
centre of
a thrilling scientific investigation: who are these 2 human beings buried
next to each
other? Go on a hunt for clues: observe, deduce and become an expert...

Floor area
100 - 200m²
Museum de Toulouse
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Musical dialogue at a "round table".

2-6 players share a table to experience with music and sounds, using high quality headphones. The ideal almost soundless interactive playstations for Science Centres and Children's Museums! Up to 10 Tables.

Floor area
30 - 300m²
Mobiles Musik Museum
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The sun has a date with the moon in the Astralala sky! The exhibition offers to share with 3 to 6 year olds the wonder of space and to make them aware of our planet in its entirety.Their guide will lead them on a trip around...

Floor area
50 - 70m²
Cap Sciences


15 October 2012

Microlife, a travelling exhibition by Expografic!

‘Microlife’ is an interactive themed exhibition concerning two main actors, microorganism and microscopes. In this exhibition, via various active exhibits, the journey through optics and a beatiful artwork...

Technopolis, the Flemish Science Centre 20 January 2011

The temporary exhibition that is now on display (until August 31, 2011) at Technopolis is Plantastic!

This fun and interactive science exhibition reveals the wonderful world of plants and shows how they interact with people, animals, insects and each other...


24 November 2015 - 31 August 2016
Chicago, United States