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An exhibition that gives every dog (and cat!) its day!

We have lived together with dogs and cats for thousands of years, but what do we actually know about them? What are their emotions? How do they perceive the world? Do they understand us?

Floor area
300 - 600m²
For rent

Musical dialogue at a "round table".

2-6 players share a table to experience with music and sounds, using high quality headphones. The ideal almost soundless interactive playstations for Science Centres and Children's Museums! Up to 10 Tables.

Floor area
30 - 300m²
Mobiles Musik Museum
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You place the ball in the centre circle on the field. By sitting on the seat you create a jet of air.

Floor area
8 - 16m²
Heureka - The Finnish Science Centre
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Are you aware of the nutritional value of your favourite meal? Does it contain chemical products? Where do the ingredients come from? Will you still be able to eat it when Earth will have 9 billion inhabitants?

Floor area
800 - 1200m²
IEN - Tempora


15 October 2012

Microlife, a travelling exhibition by Expografic!

‘Microlife’ is an interactive themed exhibition concerning two main actors, microorganism and microscopes. In this exhibition, via various active exhibits, the journey through optics and a beatiful artwork...

Technopolis, the Flemish Science Centre 20 January 2011

The temporary exhibition that is now on display (until August 31, 2011) at Technopolis is Plantastic!

This fun and interactive science exhibition reveals the wonderful world of plants and shows how they interact with people, animals, insects and each other...


24 November 2015 - 31 August 2016
Chicago, United States