Coordinated by Ecsite, Sparks is an ambitious engagement project on the topic of technology shifts in health and medicine. Its aim is to raise awareness and communicate the concept of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) to Europeans in 29 countries.

Sparks will organise an interactive touring exhibition and 230 innovative participatory activities such as science cafés, pop-up science shops, incubation activities and scenario workshops. Creative disruptions —in the form of artistic inputs and questioning— will help it to engage more stakeholders.The European dimension of the project is paired with a strong emphasis on local implementation through 29 experienced science communicators that will adapt the exhibition and activities to their contexts and establish local multi-stakeholder collaborative
partnerships.Sparks’ methodology emphasises interdisciplinary (science, art, policy, industry, research, science education) and participatory approaches to promote RRI in relation to health. This is a highly relevant research topic which is able to motivate citizens’ and other stakeholders’ engagement in science and research.

The project will also have a learning and policy component. Data will be gathered from visitors of the exhibition in order to further build the capacity of science actors and policy makers to promote RRI and better understand society’s vision, interests and readiness concerning RRI in health.

Sparks will use various levels of interaction and engagement (physical as well as virtual, including social media) to inform a very large number of stakeholders on the relevance of RRI and promote collective stewardship of research activities to the benefit of society. The combined networks of the organisations gathered around SPARKS have a potential outreach of millions of individuals and organisations across Europe. It is estimated that over 1 million individuals could directly benefit from the project by visiting the exhibition and or/taking part in its participatory activities.


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List of project partners

European Network of Science Centres and Museums (Ecsite) - BE
Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development (AIGHD) - NL
Science Museum - UK
Copernicus Science Centre - PL
Bonn Science Shop - DE
European Regions Research and Innovation Network (ERRIN) - BE
Ars Electronica - AT
KEA European Affairs - BE
European University Cyprus - CY
Institute of Social Innovations - LT
Labworm Science Shop at Sapientia University - RO
Neulogy - SK
Luxembourg Science Center - LU
Università della Svizzera italiana - CH